[MMidol Round #1]

Thanks to all who’ve sent their congratulations via email and comments.

Some questions abt the contest :
# of votes per person –
I think it’s 1 vote per person, as you will have to register and log in before being able to vote.

What happens next –
30 will go on to the next round. The voting will be done by the world and no one at mm.

What’s MM –
mm stands for making memories – they’re one of the largest scrapbooking manufacturers in the states. This is the 2nd MMidol. i got into the 1st round of MMidol the last time but didn’t go very far. Here’s fingers crossed at getting through this round!

K! Gotta go to bed now… I’ve just finished my LO and i’m pretty pleased with it – it’s an idea that i’ve been toying in my head for awhile now. It’ll all be revealed tomorrow!! (or rather, later today)

O, here’s what i made for M & E’s 2nd and 1st birthday! 🙂

aren’t they real cuties!!


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