[my Zingboom nite]

G has been up and down with high fever, poor thing… the temperature hovered around the high 38 – 39. The funny thing abt her, is that even at 2am, with a fever of 39.5, this little madam was prancing around the house, singing her favorite song, climbing up and down the sofa! I stayed home yesterday, brought her to the pead and it was a relief to know it wasn’t a bacterial infection. The fever finally subsided last night, and she’s back to normal temperature today.

Thanks to my parents that came over to babysit, i was able to go to the post office to collect my parcel. It’s the fabulous March Kit from zingBoomkits couldn’t wait to get my hands on them! So, after G’s gone to bed, i was really proud to pull myself out of bed at 11.30 and created these!
aren’t the owl’s darling!!! 🙂 and my fav embellishment now – those stickers!!! 🙂


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