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[baby quilt]

Inspired and taught by the incredibly easy quilt tutorial done by kelly mccaleb, i’ve finally completed the binding for my little baby quilt! 🙂 Very pleased with how it looks, i can’t wait to start another project with wadding! 🙂

Here’s the pics….

And here’s G roadtesting the blankie:


6 thoughts on “[baby quilt]

  1. Hey Jacqueline, I thought I would let you know, I have done a page for you in my little book of inspiration – I hope you don’t mind! It’s here if you want a look but you’ll probably have to create a login if you aren’t already a member of UKS, so you can see the pictures. I made a book of my favourite scrappers and manufacturers and tried to do the pages in the style of them. I hope you don’t mind me using you but I find your work so inspirational 🙂Hugs,RachxXx


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