[Zingboom May LOs]

Haha… as what michelle said in her blog – i can’t think of anything clever to say about the zingboom title. So, it’s just called what it is 😛

Love the different papers and the richness of the Daisy D’s. Some of you have asked abt how i mix and match the papers and if i’ve a specific way of doing the LOs. Erm, it’s not something i’ve thought abt very much, i just grab a bunch of stuff i like and try to think of ways to use them. I usually like to see if i can use different products in different ways – for eg, instead of using a felt flower flat onto the picture, i might fold it in 2 and layer it with different other elements. One thing that is consistent in all my LOs is the colour combinations or rather the MOOD of the LOs. Like the ‘excursion’ one, is all about being bright and cheery and light hearted- hence the greenish pps and pastel flowers. The ‘2 Gs’ is all about trying out a different photo size, and how that is emphasised by the rest of the elements in the LO. I guess that’s all i can really say about how i compose my pictures, not really a method…..


4 thoughts on “[Zingboom May LOs]

  1. Gorgeous stuff, as always!!! I have tried to find a way to contact you, but have been unsuccessful… I’m on the ZB street team, and am addicted to those kits, so have seen your work and really fell in love.I’m trying to start a series of scraplifting challenges on the About.com scrapbooking board (http://scrapbooking.about.com/mpboards.htm), and was hoping we could scraplift from your Lucky layout you just posted? We’re itching to try our hand at your fun “urban collage” style. 🙂You can e-mail me at vexed angel @ gmail . com (no spaces).Thanks!Ann Marie


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