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[lazy rainy weekend]

The weather this week has been unexpectedly cool. This weekend also has been rainy and gloomy outdoors – so we indulged in lazy indoor activities:
baked some oatmeal cookies – recipe from fellow mum HERE ; i didn’t have any choc chips, so substituted with some dried cranberries instead 🙂
did some watercolors with daddy
holding her paintbrush and walking abt the house

posing 🙂
AND – because of the great weather, G slept for a record 3.5hrs yesterday afternoon. While she slept, i made these:
fabric strips inspired by SHIMANDSONS
actually i like the back of it better! looks like the deconstructivist fabrics used by avante garde london designer H Chalayan 🙂
the finished pillow case 🙂
More October Afternoon Layouts
another picture frame to add to the wall 🙂


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