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[Tokyo Day 03: Harajuku, Kiddyland, Shibuya]

Having migrated over from Blogger, the wordpress website still takes a little bit of getting used to! So far, I’ve just been adjusting the posts that are related to Japan, hopefully I’ll be able to make most of the posts (especially the layouts!) similar to the previous blog. The inconsistencies are beginning to bug me!! Owells. Better get back to blogging before I loose all motivation! 🙂

Day 03 in Tokyo was the start of the trip proper as it marks the arrival of G with my parents from Singapore. As it was their first time in Japan after so many years, we met them at Haneda airport to welcome them to Tokyo! Unfortunately for them, their arrival also marked the change in weather, it was cold and wet for them the 2 days they had in Tokyo. Luckily there was Kiddyland to look forward to!

Bright and cheery after the redeye flight, with a sleeping K who couldn't keep awake cos she woke up super early to make the trip to pick G up from the airport!
A happy K with her spoils from Kiddyland
G's purchases - even though she came 2 days later, she had more stuff! haha!
At hip and trendy Harajuku. But super miserable with the rain.
We had no idea what this machine does. It was just lots of flashy lights and funny sounds!
Tired girl and Kong Kong
G obviously approves. She cleaned up her bowl! And to date still talks about the mango sorbet she had at Maisen.
Close up of the yummy food
Went back to Maisen... YUMS
Snuggly Boots
We spent a lot of time on trains on this trip!


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