[TOKYO DAY 04: Asakusa, Narita]

Our last day in Tokyo was a little bit of a bonus. Initially we were going to be leaving Tokyo for Sapporo on the 1pm flight, but as the flights later in the day were cheaper, we thought we might as well have a slow and easy day in Tokyo. As the Ryokan was right in the heart of Asakusa, we decided to just wander about the area, absorbing the weekend atmosphere in this quaint traditional part of Tokyo.

Starting the day off right with breakfast at the Ryokan. This is an early morning shot of the breakfast area. Super cosy and traditional, with a tiny little kitchen and wood panelled walls
Fluffiest breakfast toast with butter and jam. Best way to start the day!
Us and the girls. Milk drank, Toasts eaten, Butter licked…. all set for the day of exploring!
Rainy rainy weather, but the textures that result and the saturated colours almost make it all worthit!
Our obsession with vending machine drinks continue….. Best way of keeping our hands warm!
Father and Daughter time. Love this shot of V and G.
Kong kong and his 2 girls. G was super frozen, check out her red red nose..
Love the quaint old shops that line the little alleyways.
Super COLD!!! Luckily we brought a lot of scarves!
Saying prayers at Tsensoji Temple. G just finished her 1st major tantrum of the trip. Thankfully it was also her last!
Papa looking all local
Wishes and prayers
Love this shot of K, waiting patiently for her lucky coin to toss into the wishing well
Us at the holy water
V caught this shot of me and the girls. Love their expressions!
Bumped into a “highclass” Geisha just before leaving the hotel. At least that’s what we were told by her entourage! G had to take a pix with her.
Just before leaving for the airport. We left half our luggage at the baggage hold at the airport. Highly recommended if you need to travel to other domestic destinations. This way, we travel with only 1 bag!

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