Recommended by friends and the official Hokkaido website, we decided to make this day trip up to the northern port of the island. It was a breeze getting there, took a train from the train station just minutes from our hotel (another good reason to stay in Keihan! If you’re a family, book the room that is 22sqm, we booked the smaller one and found it a real squeeze!) Otaru is less than an hour away from Sapporo, and it is a fun ride, as the scenery changes quite dramatically from inner city, to suburbs, and then to windy coastal scenery. At one point nearing the destination, we were literally on the coast! It was a stunning and welcoming experience to the town. We took so many photos on this daytrip out! Here’s a selected few:

G + K sharing a private joke at breakfast at this wonderful cafe called Cafe Denmark. It’s in the underground mall of Sapporo JR station – Stellar West.
The spread
View of the coast from the train as we approach Otaru. So beautiful!
Otaru, being the northern seaport, was bitterly windy and cold! G is trying to stay warm with her ninja beanie
It was a mix of architectural style
My parents on the famous Otaru Canal
Girls just wanted to play with snow
Me on the banks of the canal, posing by myself since the girls refused to stand still
Fish restaurant
Us on the banks of the canal
G had a new found joy – getting the icicles off the roof eaves and trying to get the longest one possible! wierd girl
This is a hilarious pix of all us outside a vending machine kiosk. Love the candidness of it all!
Baby snowman!
Fresh hot corn
Fresh scallops, but at 1000Y a pop, decided to give this a miss!
Beautiful animation at the LeTao cafe
Very healthy and very yummy food at the cafe
Of course the wellknown desserts were superb!
Love the colours and textures of this picture of V
Me and my new bag 🙂
Love the corporate identity of this “baumkuchen” shop
Don’t know what G is doing here in the snow!
Girls with their Ice Ball babies. They were so cute, carried these around Otaru the whole day!
Heart Shape ice stage
One of the more touristy offerings at Otaru, this was a musical box museum and shop. Whole floors of beautiful musical boxes, not my kinda style but worth a visit.
Next to it was a toy store which the girls loved
Totoro! So happy they love the ghimbli productions 🙂
Interesting building
Part of the Ainu culture which are the northern aboriginal tribe of Japanese
On the way back to the train station. G wanted to play with more snow so we stopped by an abandoned railway track
Our dinner of Hamburger steak in a hot plate. Pretty good but a little bit too tasty!


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