All too soon, it was bye bye to Hokkaido and Japan. We opted to travel on both the domestic then back to Singapore on the last day, taking the domestic flight from Chitose at noon, spending the afternoon (doing last minute shopping!) at Narita, then boarding the flight homebound from Narita after dinner. It was really great, as they girls did not feel too rushed, we took our time over our shopping, our meals, and the Japanese airports are great for entertaining the kids, with playgrounds and lots of spaces for the kids to run around.

On the way to the airport in the trains.
Our luggage – the 1st half from Tokyo is in left luggage at Narita, so we only had a few bags from Hokkaido.
Nice big indoor playground for the smaller kids
Hello Kitty shops!
Workshops and library for the older kids
We love the Royce Chocolate shop at Chitose. It’s a smaller version of the chocolate factory.
G in the domestic SkyMark airlines plane
K munching on her snacks

All too soon we are home to hot and humid Singapore! We arrived at 3.30am in Singapore, by the time we got back home, it was straight to bed for the girls!

My shopping! Bags, Lego + Muji kits, magazines and a new Japanese brand discovery 🙂
Pressies and fabric!
Snacks, cakes and homeware… LOVE!

Next up will post the most memorable moments of this trip 🙂


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