[Things we did in May]

As the kindie teachers (with a sigh of relief and happiness) and the p1 teachers (with increasing urgency and a hint of stressfulness!) have been reminding us, it is now almost the middle of the year! For K, it is just another month long holiday to look forward to, and lots of playdates and outings, classes etc have been planned. For G on the other hand, it is now that the school has stepped up on their assessments and tests. Sure, there is no exams for the Primary 1s, but this does not mean the school is totally lax with the kids, they have weekly reviews and tests. Luckily for us, G is still completely oblivious about grading, she just wants to get the top marks due to her competitive streak, but doesn’t really display any stress of anxiety towards the “reviews”.

May is also where there are quite a lot of interesting sales and events happening. We scored many pretty dresses and outfits at the latest Chateau de Sable 10yr anniversary sale. The girls have loved their dresses since they were wee tots, K especially, insisting on wearing her “shirt connected to a dress” Chateau dress everytime there was a party. At $70 or so a dress, it was an investment, but a good one nonetheless. For the sale, the dresses were going for only $15 or $20 each! So of course we went slightly crazy and bought many dresses for the girls. 🙂 It is afterall an investment right?

Mother’s Day with my 2 little darlings
Super cute “Pinky Promise” letter written by G to K
Visiting her alma mater – Bethany Kindie – for the End of Term Party. She looks so big here!
Girls loved the Satay at Baby R’s 1st month’s celebrations, so we headed down to ECP for another round on the beach!
G at the SAM Children’s Season. We try to bring the girls every year and this year we brought them on a nice cool Sunday.
K loved all the drawing bits of the exhibition. As always, I marvel at how much they have grown in just 1 year!
Skirt from the “Chateau” spree… She loves it!
Cute wall
G playing with her playdates L & N table tennis. Well, attempting to play!
Love her outfit. Jeans skirt a steal at the “Gap” spree and mary jane shoes (her current fav) also bought on the cheap at “Payless”
We were parents of 4 girls for a couple of hours that weekend while N&L stayed with us 🙂 It was crazy but pretty fun!
After a quiet time session at the library, we brought the girls for the “public garden” flea market at the Esplanade.
They LOVED the graffitti artist and G pestered him for a whole hour!
He did a special tote for G & K. One of my best buys in the fair!

Also at the esplanade was the Singapore Arts Fest event, where we enjoyed free performances, fun games and a few freebies 🙂 Go soon! It ends tomorrow.

JUNE starts tomorrow! Can’t believe it’s 1 whole month of holidays…. and judging for the way the past week has flown by, it is going to be over all too soon!


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