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[June Hols – Part 1]

Cute little note from K to V

We had a fun filled and packed June Hols with the girls… Time just flew by and before we knew it, it was already time for school! We didn’t even have all the playdates we wanted to plan, but hopefully they had a lot of new experiences.

Watching “Charlie and Lola“. One of the best kids productions that I’ve seen… well worth the ticket price!
Saying goodbye at the train station
One of the favorite parts of the house, the outdoor swing
Spending time with my dearest Grandma – she looks so happy here!
Still fits!
Caught this of K. So super cute!
Joined the girls at my grandma’s village in Tumpat for the last 3 days of their stay there – 1st ride on a trishaw!
Having fun with friends at clay class.
We did quite a lot of painting at home too. The girls loved the big big sheets of paper (cheap and good from Ikea!)
Went to Punggol Waterway for work cum play
G with her super long legs reading at a new discovery “Kombi Rocks

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