[Firestation Visit]

The girls have been bugging us to bring them to the firestation for the longest time. And it is really cool that ALL firestations are open on Saturday morning (9am – 11am) for public viewing. They even conduct tours and had cute plastic firemen helmets and a real first aid kit to bring home!

We brought them to the Bishan Firestation as it was the firestation they pass everyday to and fro from the Grandparents’. It was doubly cool as during our visit, there was a REAL emergency and the alarm went and the firemen had to do their thing and all jump onto the fire engines and exited real fast with sirens blaring etc! It was such a thrill for the girls and they thoroughly enjoyed it!

Excited to be at the Firestation
Little Firemen
Checking out the trucks
It was right after this that the sirens started blaring!
Woosh! and they were all gone! Quite comical really…..
G wrote this to her, awwww……



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