The “Ber” months…. Also the Ortho K process

It is usually at this time of the year that everything just speeds up and rushes towards to the finish line like the last few seconds of a hurdle race! It is also at this point that I start panicking about present buying as K’s birthday starts the madness of preparing goodie bags, organising the bday party (i think this year it will be a low key one!) and after that all the run in until after CNY!

Anyways, as promised, I will be jotting down the whole Ortho K process that G went through. Mostly as a reminder to us (and her!) eventually what we felt like!

One of the strongest reason we chose to do this procedure was at the start of the year, we realised that G’s myopia has progressed a shocking 100degrees every 3 months or so, starting at 75/50 when she was 5+, to almost 400 degrees on both sides when she turned 7! At this rate, she will definitely be above the 1000 degrees mark once she hits her teens. And as everybody has been telling us, the rate of increase just gets faster as they go through Primary school. Also, after many months of research and through friends recommendations, we finally felt that she was comfortable enough about school, and self-motivated enough for her to WANT to do it herself. As G’s personality is the “headstrong” (read: stubborn) sort, we knew that if it was something WE wanted to do, it will never work! So most of the effort was actually trying to psycho her to be very self-motivated about this whole process. Once she was convinced that it was the right thing to do, she did everything really willingly and did not at any stage of the process try to tantrum her way out of the procedure! We were so super proud of our brave little girl and how she was so determined to do everything right.

We first heard about Ortho K from HERE.

The first trip was for trial lenses to be put on, these has to be worn for 4 hours, to check if the cornea is receptive to the modification. Also to see if there are any adverse reactions from the eyes etc. G took to the whole thing so well! Here she is trying to make the 4hrs go faster by indulging in her fav activity – reading!
The trial lenses went really well! So we ordered the bespoke lenses that will suit the shape of her corneas. This was taken the day after the 1st night with the lenses!
More tests on reading with the new improved vision – the myopia went from 375/400 to 0/25 after 1 night of the lenses! Amazing what technology does…..
We then had to go through the whole process of learning to put the lenses on (me!) and taking it off (G), the cleaning of the lenses etc. It was also so good to see G being so confident with putting on and taking off the lenses herself! (after about 3 weeks)
Again I am reminded of her really strong willed character, if she sets her mind to something, no matter how daunting, she will be able to do it! We also remind ourselves constantly on how to constantly be positive with this child, as she totally thrives on positive reinforcements.

Our beautiful little princess G, so proud of you and your determination through this whole process! 🙂 love mummy & daddy


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