[Start of the School Hols]

Time really passes by so quickly with 2 really active and hyper girls! The past few months have been a whirlwind, so many things have been going on. Where do I start?! Best let the photos do the talking…..

V has always been buying / selling stuff – mostly shoes and clothes – on eBay and everytime the girls see a parcel, they get very envious and will say – aww…. i wish i had a parcel. So, instead of what we usually do – which is to make “mock” parcels by wrapping up pressies and getting them sent to our address for the girls, V went online to get for them little pressies. It didn’t look so little when the DHL man came by our house though!! The girls were SUPER thrilled to see this arriving one weekend.

Girls received a parcel from V
K received her Dr set which she chose herself on eBay!

K loved this set – Doc McStuffin. I’ve never heard about this character before, but apparently it is showing on Kid’s TV. Hah! Shows how much I’m in touch with current kid’s culture.

V chose this “how to knit” set for G and so far she has been making full use of it! She even knows all about “stockinette stitch” and “whip stitch”!

G is not so much into eBay shopping as K is, so V chose this set for her as she was very into the French knitting kit that I bought her from Hkg. True to form, she has been very engrossed in reading it and trying out the knitting patterns. It really is like seeing a mini me when G gets stuck into figuring out knitting and occupying most of her time with making little projects with the knitted squares. Down to the part where she gets tired of the repetitive knitting and tries to get either me or my mum to finish up the project! lol….

K’s drawing of V

I’m always fascinated by the things the girls draw. I love how it changes as they get older. This little sketch is of V by K. She is really into drawing pple with super long legs nowadays!

G’s little sketches are so cute!

Love love love these little compilation of animals by G. I have an idea of stitching these onto little pouches as Xmas pressies this year.

G has started drawing Anime. She says she learned most of her anime features from HERE…. fascinating videos I must say, although I do agree that he gets quite longwinded at times!

The other reason that we have been super busy is since setting up our practice, we have been working from a Home Office setup. However, due to work-life balance and all that, we have decided that it will be healthier to have more separation between “work” and “life”….. although work usually equals life to us! Anyways, it has been an eventful couple of months, from a large work commission that finally came through, to putting down an offer for an office space, to being let down by said landlord, then out of the blue, something we had our eye on right at the start came through again. So voila! We present to you our NEW OFFICE!!! πŸ™‚ (Will elaborate more on the office space in another post (perhaps by V on the office photojournal), but here are some sneaks….)

It is a small-ish space, just the right size for our growing practice, and it needed a full makeover… although we kept it relatively simple.

My space

So far we have moved in for half a month now, and am totally enjoying working in the office space. The neighborhood is a very understated, quiet part of town, yet totally connected in terms of linkages via the subway and also to nearby amenities (gosh! I’m sounding like an estate agent!) I guess it takes time to get into the work groove, and with an office space, it is much easier to transition into “work mode” than at home. Although it is inevitable that we have to bring work home, somehow being away from home makes one really strive to make all the time spent in the office a productive one, and not to “carry over” so much work for the night shift!

It is also the end of term and as usual, there is the annual “end of term” party. Lots of yummy food, catching up with fellow parents – many of whom have been in Bethany the same number of years as us, we literally see their kids (and ours) from pre-birth all the way till graduation!! It is now our 5th year (!!) in the school, we still maintain our deepest respect and amazement at the energy and dedication of the teachers, the pastors and the entire church community.

Contribution to Bethany Kindergarten… a little token for the graduating class this year, so nice all laid out!

K was super delighted to take part in the concert, she told me later – the best time I had was on stage performing!! lol…. contrary to her personality (more introverted than G), this one is a real performer, she takes the time and effort to really memorise her lines, constantly practicing and refining her act at home, not at all self-conscious when up on stage. The only thing my mum remarked – she’s a little bit blur and needs to be cued to her next moves! haha…..

K performing her fav act – “Mango Tango!”


Finally, some everyday shots with the girls πŸ™‚

Having their current fav breakfast food – Carrot Cake (the local kind!)
Posing in front of nice gates

looking forward to the start of the Dec Hols….. and our little getaway at the end of 2012 (more details later!)


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