[Setting up Shop!]

Inspired by a few kids doing selling some lemonade at the corner of our street, G decided that she wanted to set up shop the very next day! Taking advantage of this spurt of self-motivation, I obliged by providing all the wherewithal in order for the budding entrepreneur to setup shop. Here’s a pictorial diary of what we did:

G woke me up super early, to measure out all the ingredients for her cookie bake sale. She really was quite particular, being very precise about all the weighing, and going step by step through the recipe.
At this point, K woke up and was really curious at what G was busy with….
She was promptly roped into helping with the packaging πŸ™‚
Of course the little chef has to munch her way through some of her wares…. all in the name of “product testing” of course!
Then it was time to beauty up the stall.
Finally! Right in time for the lunch crowd at our restaurant next door, and the girls were so super proud of their little bake stall!
Say “cheese” for mummy!!! It was raining cats and dogs by now, but this didn’t deter their enthusiasm. πŸ™‚
K was one of her best supporter! She accompanied G at the stall and then also was one of her best customers πŸ™‚
G did 2 shifts in total, 1 before lunch, and 1 after. It was a pretty good haul actually, but she started becoming very bored after about half an hour of manning the stall!
Look at that jubilant face!! She was so super psyched up with the sales that she is full of ideas for NEXT weekend! I’m super proud of her for preservering with sitting through till the end, and being super self-motivated right from the very start.
We even had time to make Xmas ornaments!! It was a really nice weekend and can’t wait for next weekend to come for another “entrepreneurial” exercise!











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