[CNY 2013]

It’s been another month since my last post! Gosh, how time flies. Things have been going back to the usual routine of school dropoffs, work, meetings, family dinners etc. It is a nice break to have a few days off for CNY (and to finally catch up on my blog!) Here are the pictures from these 2 days of non-stop feasting and catching up…..

Girls are our models for setting the timer etc.
Our annual shot every CNY. Catch the previous ones here – 2010,  2012… how nostalgic!
Our traditional giving of angpows to the girls – how they have grown!!
CNY is still full of little traditional touches like this one – the giving of tea to the matriarch by all the daughters-in-laws……
Love this shot of all the little girls in the family – the number increases every year!
So blessed to have a HUGE playroom at new house – the kids all had a blast playing with their cousins.
Totally LOVE this candid shot – K just stepped over P’s foot – look at her giggly cheeky face!
Trying to pose with a wriggly K
G – so grownup and demure in this photo…. totally NOT like her at all! hah!
K – 5 going on 18! She’s truly a grownup girl in a little girl’s body!
Day 02 of CNY started nice and slow…. we only had to be at New House for lunch, so the girls had a lot of time to slowly get into their outfits for the day!
Love this shot of my 2 girls and me. K is carrying a little embroidered bag I made….
The girls are addicted to their loveys – G to bearbino, K to barney bu bu…..
Love this shot of the 2 of them – G said – mei mei is like my lovey too! aww…….
K gave her a BIG hug back!
We take this shot in front of new house every year…
Day 2 of play central at new house – it was a hit with all the visiting kids!
Love this pensive shot of K that V caught in a quiet moment in between guests…
A shot of lunch! All that effort to make a superbly stupendous lunch (&dinner!)


May the Year of the Snake bring you lots of happiness, prosperity, good health and lots and lots of SMILES 🙂


2 thoughts on “[CNY 2013]

  1. so great to see the smiles and the warmth of family photos! I used to make it a point to capture a family photo once a week. However, as the commitment level drops when we prioritise, they became fewer! Shall make it a point to do it again! our kids really are growing up too fast that we can’t afford to lose those precious moments.

    Hope you had a good relax time during the CNY break!


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