[FEB 2013]

Trying to keep her distracted with the iPhone while the medicine takes effect…

Such an eventful past week it has been for us! We had to rush to hospital with K on Monday night after she had severe breathing difficulty, and was warded into KK children’s hospital for the next 2 days. Gosh! What a nightmare! It was a scary few moments when we rushed from home to GP, then from GP to the A&E ward. Thankfully the scary part was over pretty quick and K was super good at taking all the medications and inhalers. It was a bacterial infection that caused her fluid in lungs, and hopefully it is all under control with the medication (we will know after we bring her back for a review after the antibiotics run out).


G was so glad to see her mei mei the next day.
Sweet little note from K to V on the 2nd day of hospital
Finally given the green light to discharge! This is her little “going home” pressie from Mummy, for being such a brave little girl and the bestest patient!
Happy K going home!

So, this weekend we managed to get the girls out and about, first to some fresh air in the park, and on Sunday to the National Museum, where there were free entry to all the galleries. Here are the pix:

K being all animated and cheeky.... heee.....
K being all animated and cheeky…. heee…..
O! and her 2 front teeth are out as well!
So happy to see her looking super cheerful again!
G, looking all grown up! She was really worried about mei mei when she had to be warded into hospital, breaking down into hysterics!
So sweet together 🙂
One of G’s favorite stall – it helped that she totally charmed the socks off this particular stallowner!
This has got to be G’s new idol for the day – she is now planning on being able to setup shop like little Bridgette here, who at 12 is churning out so many wonderful crafty stuff for her online biz!
We ended the day with fabulous cupcakes from the Vanilla bakery – pretty expensive but quite well worth the money!


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