[G’s 8th Garden Birthday Party]

Can’t believe G is 8! Gosh, the year just passed by so quickly… it seems just a few months ago that we celebrated her 7th birthday before our trip to Japan.

For her 8th birthday, she’s comfortable enough with her school friends (the same class continued from P1 to P2) to invite them to a birthday party. Also, it was really fun to observe G in her “school habitat” with her girlfriends.

The venue for this year’s party is at the Botanical Gardens, namely the Orchid Garden. If you’ve never been there, do go! It’s a very well kept garden, with lots of orchids (what else!) and even a “cool house” to keep cool after walking the garden!
We booked a walking tour for G and her bunch of friends from school. Unfortunately, they were all so hyped up and excited about the party that they all didn’t really care too much about the “educational” walk! haha!
We made cupcake toppers and a birthday banner again. The cupcake stand from G’s 5th birthday makes another appearance! Cupcakes are from 12 cupcakes… YUMS!
After the very HOT walk, the girls came into the pavilion all ready for a PARTY! Good thing mummy was well prepared with lots of snacks and a craft activity!
Old time favorite blow your own bubbles never cease to please this age set. Good thing they are so cheap!
They all wanted to blow the biggest bubble ever! Also, we did other girly stuff like glitter tattoos and a little craft project 🙂
Here’s G showing off her big bubble while the indulgent grandpa watches on
Birthday song before everybody devoured the cupcakes!

We made the invitation cards by stamping onto various shades of green cardstock with my trusty "october afternoon" stamps :)
We made the invitation cards by stamping onto various shades of green cardstock with my trusty “october afternoon” stamps 🙂

Dearest G, you at 8 yr old are the most precocious little one I have ever met! If we were every in any doubt of your determined spirit, across this year, we have all but been convinced that you are definitely gifted to us to teach us all about the most underrated qualities in life – Patience!! More and more, I am beginning to understand what my parents went through with me, how when my mum recollects how I have tried her patience so many times, how my growing up has changed her into the most patient person ever (seriously, she is THE most patient mom!) I can only hope the I am nearer the quality of zen-ness that my mom displays after the girls are all grown up. My dearest little baby, you have grown up so quickly, this year even more so! With the start of the new year, you have embraced school in your most endearingly earnest way. You look forward to school now, even venturing into joining a CCA! Your love for the Art club is now so great that you beg me to send you off to school half an hour earlier than required. This is such a total change from this time last year! Just this year too, we have tried being much more patient (see?!) with you, taking your tantrums and outbursts in stride, not screaming or shouting or scolding you. In fact, it is turning out to be so much easier that I’m just glad we did not wait till you have gotten used to being an angry child before we took on this way of treating you. Above all, we have learnt (hopefully you have too) to respect each other’s feelings, and not to take away the opportunity for you to vent out any inside anger that you have. We have to keep reminding ourselves that you are also a little grownup person, as you have so eloquently written in your many notes to us (the letterbox was such a brilliant idea!), and to allow you to speak your mind at times. Lastly, please remain so very quirky, funny and talkative little girl! You might not be the easiest child to love, but when you love back, it is the nicest, most wonderful rewarding feeling ever! Love, Mommy and Papa


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