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[The battle of the cameras – Part 2!]

G has recently taken to reading my blog….. It’s really cool to finally see the result of all those days of painstakingly recording her every milestone and every experience finally paying off! Also pretty bizarre the amount of information that she remembers from reading the blog!

Recently, to prepare for our upcoming trip (yes! Japan again in Dec!) we decided we’ll be upgrading our DSLR to a more compact camera. G reminded us that the last time we bought our camera was exactly 7 years ago! That’s what she read in the BLOG. And of course she was absolutely correct… it was in August too!

This time around, it was another round of cameras to choose from:

1. FujiFilm X E1

2. Canon EOS M

3. Sony NEX 6R

We chose the Sony in the end because:

The handling was much nicer than the rest (with a good grip hold.. important in snowy weather and with thick gloves on!) The styling was retro (with the dials) but not too retro (like the Fuji). Light – the kit lens was the smallest of all! Good indoor shots (ok, it gets quite technical here, but V assures me it has the best spec)

So, here are the recent pictures (also some updates on the girls 🙂

My soon-to-be P1 baby is a baby no more! 😛
Had lunch with G at her canteen. One of the thrills of a P2-er is to have yr mum buy you lunch in school! haha…..
A shot of me taken this morning by V. Enjoying my cuppa before the morning rush!



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