[1 year before the big 4-0!]

Been awhile since I’ve posted! It’s one of those things that seem to have been taken over by other social media such as Facebook and Instagram. 1 year more till the next ‘decade’ birthday so I thought I should just pen down what I would like to be able to do before my next birthday arrives 🙂

No curls for my new look. It’s a nightmare keeping it straight outside of the salon though!
For my birthday, whilst the kids were being looked after by indulgent grandparents (best bday pressie ever!), we tried out a new restaurant in the Civic District.
If you’re ever in the area, you have to try this mediterranean restaurant. Lovely food and even lovelier atmosphere!
If you like Hoummous and dips, and a huge variety of starters, this is the place for you! We loved the carrot dish (the one in the foreground on the right, and the yummiest flat bread. Reminds us so much of our days in London where middle eastern food was our regular ‘special occassion’ dinners at the nearby high street.
Thankful for all the years together
Yummy bread!
The outdoor seating area was packed too! And they had the most fantastic herb wall. I want to do up our patio space now with these vertical gardens!

  Over the weekend, we also metup with the girls and my parents across the border to continue the birthday celebrations. We went to this FANTASTIC seafood place that serves the most succulent crabs! And it was super quaint and old school.

Price list
It says – doorway #2
Old school doors
K and her toys. She loves playacting scenes with them and this can go on for HOURS!
Crab Beehoon! Very moorish and the girls love the dish too! K for the noodles and G for the crabs 🙂
K writing a little note
The good food continues – having prata breakfast

  All in all, a fantastic way to spend my birthday! The eating and indulging fest actually continued right on to Monday where my best friends P and S came over to spend a quick lunch hour with me 🙂 Feeling absolutely blessed!



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