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[K is 6!!]

Dearest K:

At 6, you have grown up so much in the past year! You’re articulating yourself in that “teenager voice” (coined by G who really dislikes it! haha) and have tons of things to say ALL of the time! I suppose coming from a family of talkers, you are definitely going to follow suit and keep up your side of the conversation! This past year, you have grown much taller as well, friends who have not seen you over the last few months have commented that you have shot up! When we look at you though, you’re still very much the baby of the family. As such, you definitely have the “baby” tendancies – hugging us all the time, sticking close to mummy, ‘man-jah-ing’ to get your way, getting frustrated and crying when you feel like you’ve been wronged and lastly, still clutching your lovey everywhere! Your personality is so sweet, sometimes you get taken advantaged off by your older sister. We see how frustrating that is for you, but most of the time your sweet nature just accepts it as you really adore your jie jie. Love you to bits our littlest baby girl. Don’t grow up so very quickly! Lots of love, mummy & daddy.

Ever the planner, she made me take some test shots of her smile so that she can look the best for the camera at her birthday shot in school!

Lovely cake from Bengawan Solo. The tags were made by us the night before. K insisted on the flowers and this is G’s special arrangement of the candles!

Very good cake!

Goodie bags – K personally chose the pressies and she wrote a personalised note for all her friends in her class.

K’s note

Happy little girl 🙂

G looking dotingly on at her little sister

With dearest Popo!

A bittersweet moment at Bethany. The girls literally grew up there – K especially as I was pregnant in G’s 2nd year at the school! She was there since the very start of her life, celebrating G’s numerous bdays. This will be the final year for us to celebrate their birthdays in Bethany and we will soooo miss the warm environment and caring teachers.

Our bashful girl

So happy to be turning 6! She was all smiles the whole morning!

G & K

Happy girl

With all her classmates. Most of them are also younger siblings, and they all grew up together!

Enjoying the cake. It really was very good!

Lastly, giving out her goodies to her friends 🙂

   The birthday celebrations continue as well for K this weekend as she will be having her very 1st Macdonald’s birthday party!!!










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