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[Bali Day 02 : Chillin’]

Bali is best known for it’s laid-backness…. and since we told ourselves this will be a super chilled out holiday, that was precisely what we did! No rushing about catching trains, no frantic shopping, no visiting faraway museums etc. It was unprecedented “nua-ness” from us! I think the girls were a bit stunned at how easy it was to do precisely NOTHING! 🙂 They said they wanted to swim first thing in the morning, and that’s what we did…. had our nice (although our ONLY hotel breakfast, as the ones outside were so much nicer!) room service breakfast, swam for the rest of the morning, and took a shuttle into town to catch some yummy lunch. For our first real meal in Bali, we wanted to try out very local food, and it was purely by chance that we stumbled upon this place – Warung Eropa – after deciding against another more recommended eatery. It was GOOD! So good that K wrote in her travel diary “I ate 3 bowls of rice!”….

Watermelon juice… our 1st of many!
Yummy Crispy Duck!
V’s been craving Gado Gado, the girls loved the peanut gravy and soft veggies.
We did some light shopping after that heavy heavy lunch…. some really cool shops in Bali.
Happy with their purchases – our 2 little millionaires 🙂
Dinner was at another very popular place – Naughty Nuri’s…. it’s been recommended by everybody we know who has been to Bali, so it must be good!
The ribs were as good as praised in all the blogs! But for the girls, the tangy sauce was a bit too much, so it was tough going for them…. try the Corn Cob too, it’s very unique!
While walking around Seminyak Square, we stumbled upon this new hotel that ticked all the right design boxes. Unfortunately, it did not have any private villa. Perhaps next time we come to Bali, we might stay here.
Nice lobby with really interesting palette of materials


One thought on “[Bali Day 02 : Chillin’]

  1. Really glad to know that Warung Eropa is still around! I absolutely loved their BBQ pork ribs and the crispy duck is – in my opinion – better than the famous one in Ubud 🙂


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