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[Bali Day 03]

The start of the weekend in Bali, so we decided to go somewhere where we might find weekend activities for the girls. There’s a new shopping mall (Beachwalk Bali) just next to the Sheraton Hotel on Kuta.

Interesting materials – reminds me of the ceiling we did for our Batam project. The workmanship is similar! hah!
Best thing about Bali is the unlimited amount of very good coffee that can be found all over! And at just 25k rupees (about $3) a cup, we ended up having many many cups!
Interesting allang allang roof – one of the more contemporary versions we saw in Bali.
K was so amused at the many selfies she took on my phone. V caught her giggling away while looking at the photos 🙂 love her carefree smile!
G looking pretty with her new “tap” earrings.

In between lunch and dinner, since Seminyak is supposed to be the SPA capital of Bali, I decided to bring the girls for some lady indulgences 🙂 They had their 1st taste of what it’s like to be a “tai-tai”! AMO spa is located just opposite the W Hotel, just in case you happened to be around the area!

photo 1
It’s one of the most recommended spa in the reviews that I’ve read. It might be slightly more expensive than the normal streetfare, but all the equipment are sterilised and clean, which is something I wanted to make sure for the girls!
photo 2
K with her bright pink nails
photo 3
G with her multicoloured nails – she initially took 5 different colours, 1 for each nail! Haha… her theory – why do people only paint their nails in 1 colour when there are so many nice ones to choose from 🙂 good theory that!

After an hour of pampering (I had a fantastic mani, pedi and a wonderful head and shoulders massage), we headed to the restaurant next door just in time for dinner.

We went to the famous Biku for their high tea, the little alley that we sat in had charming creepers on a retractable roof. Simple and effective.
The interior of Biku, with a small portion holding a bookshop, a jewellery shop and some homestuff. There’s lots of these hybrid cafe / shops in Bali, a great retail concept!
Nasi Campur
Satay and some dips
The famous High Tea set, it looks better than it tastes! The novelty factor is definitely worth it though, lots of little morsels to try.
G having her young coconut drink.
One of the nicest dish in the High Tea set, this is the local fruit “salat” in a cinnamon and lemongrass sugar syrup.


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