[Bali Day 04 – Lazy Sunday]

I was intent to spend Sunday having brunch at one of the laid back beach side places – either Potato head, W Hotel or Ku De Ta. Ku De Ta looked the most promising and kid friendly, so we packed up the troops after the compulsory morning swim in our pool villa to head there. One thing to note – even though all these establishments were along the beach, and the beach directly in front were supposed to be private, the one in front of Ku De Ta was filled with hawkers selling all sorts from sarongs to watches to kites. It’s a bit of a nightmare trying to play with the sand there, so in the end, we just stayed put inside the restaurant boundaries and only ventured out for the hairbraiding.

Cool kite! and blue blue skies, so nice and clear after a hazy week in sg.
The girls had their hair braided on the beach…. they also learnt the fine art of bargaining! (The starting price was 500K rupees per child, and I managed to bargain it down to 120k for both) G was so thrilled at the “bargain”!
We ordered the breakfast sets (unfortunately we ate them all up before taking pictures!) and V also ordered these moist and succulent burgers.
V and K with her beautiful braids
G was happy to sit on the many lounges and read her book.
After spending the morning and most of the early afternoon at Ku De Ta, we head back to town for some light shopping and perhaps some afternoon coffee 🙂
Bali Boat Shed – great shopping for cool clothes
The girls were happy to sit in a/c comfort waiting for mummy to finish spending her millions.
We ended up in yet another coffeeshop for an afternoon snack and watermelon juice!
We wanted to let the girls do some crafting for the rest of the afternoon, as it was too early for dinner and too late to head back to swim. Unfortunately, this place was closed on Sunday. Luckily, it was next to a little cafe known for it’s pies and cakes. We had more good coffee there!

A link to some of the websites that made researching easy for those who need planning activities for little girls –

Little Steps Asia

Bali For Kids


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