[Bali Day 5 : Last day!]

Our last full day in Bali, we went out again bright and early to get the girls some crafting time at B Creative Workshops. But first, we had to try out the breakfast platter sets from Watercress. Another much talked about and highly recommended eating house!

Clowning around along the pathway leading to our villa
G & K look so funny here!
We taught the girls the rudiments of chess on this trip. They seem to love playing it!
Finally they get to do the jewellery workshop. And I’m in love with all the colours of the threads!
The shop also sells handmade bracelets. So pretty!
Hard at work, threading the beads etc.
Love how they use these little handmade tins to hold the beads
Colors and textures
K concentrating very hard!
V found these cute wooden alphabets
I couldn’t resist taking a class too! At just 150k for a solid 1.5hrs of making stuff…. who wouldn’t?!?
Lovely beads that we used
I made 2 bracelets, I especially like the more complicated on the left.
After the crafting it was time for a late lunch and more yummy food! 🙂 This was at Cafe Bali.

One of the nicest things about Bali has to be the huge selection of very happening eating venues! And the super reasonable prices too! We were just remarking that these were the sort of prices that should be charged in SG instead of the ridiculous amount one spends eating out these days.


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