[G’s 11th bday]

Since I’ve always been the one to pen the birthday messages, I thought for her 1st year in her “teens”, Daddy can start his messages to her….. Here’s what he has to say:

Dear Grace

It has been 11 years since the day you arrived into this world, into our lives. I look back at the times we have spent together, times filled with joy, anguish, pride, exasperation and above all, reflection.

Joy is when I see you spare a thought about the people you love; your mum, your sister and myself, your grandparents, your friendships, in the hospital beside your sick granduncle. In my joy I see a deeply affectionate being, one who is incapable of not loving.

Anguish is when I feel the pain and sorrow for the things which didn’t work out for you; your constant squabbles with your sister, your impatience with mum, your defiance for authority, your succumbing to insolence. In my anguish I see a child who many a time cannot understand another point of view, yet one who is capable of saying sorry when it’s all over.

Pride is when I learn of the many things you have achieved; your ease of learning, your love for math, your determination towards the piano, your desire to read. In my pride I see a gifted you, one that is incapable of not enjoying.

Exasperation is when I think of your indifference to attitudes which we are bothered with; your self-absorbed laziness, the incessant inventing of silly terms of ‘non-endearment’, the boisterous behavior. In my exasperation I fear a looming teenage years brewing, yet always you remain capable of being true to the energetic free spirit that you are.

But above all, reflection is when you show me the ways I can be a better parent; giving you and your sister my impartial and undivided attention, seeing things from your point of view, recognizing your needs, being there for you always. A father that will be incapable of living without you.

You did have a rollercoaster of a birthday celebration. Thank you for giving me that too.

Happy 11th Birthday, G.

Love, Dad.

I teared reading the message from V to G. We have always tried to be consistent in our parenting to the girls, so it is without a doubt every bit of my emotion as well as V’s in the above message. Happy Birthday G from Mummy too! My contribution to this birthday post will be the accompanying photos that follow:



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