[BALI revisited – June 2016]

More than 2 years after our last trip to Bali, we are finally back to the Isles of the Gods. This time around, with Po2 & Kong2, the girls were excited to show them all the sites and especially the novelty of the private villa – this time with 2 Bedrooms! They were beyond thrilled….

We ate and drank and swam and ate some more, here are some selected pix. It was as magical as ever!

2 Bedroom villa at a very nice and very central villa [b villa seminyak]
Highly recommend this for any Yoga enthusiast! V’s 1st time and he was sold!

The girls loved the pool! And the daily breakfasts that were cooked in the villa.

G looking so grownup!

Walking around in HOT HOT Bali! And shopping!
Brought the folks to new to us tapas restaurant – Barbacoa – it was as good as the reviews were! We loved it so much we went back again on the last day!

The food, presentation, and location was just superb! Next time will try to head back for dinner and have them Babi Guling! The meats are highly recommended. G & K loved the chicken and beef.

With mum & dad around, we were able to sneak out to grab some quiet time and to check out some newly built interesting architecture / interiors

As the girls grow older, it is so nice to see them enjoying the same things, girly stuff, goofy stuff, angsty stuff 😛

Sharing a joke (usually at their parents expense!)
Goofy girls
Sketching before the food arrived
Complaining about being in a temple (boring!)
Learning from Grandpa
Making (unfortunately B creative which the girls loved has closed down) this was a stumbled upon poor (and expensive!) substitute
Charms and Beads galore! Got me hooked back onto macrame bracelet making….

Lastly, it was really nice to have a joint holiday with my parents. Hopefully it was as relaxing for them as it was for us!

Biku for their yummy high tea sets (and G’s new discovery – the amazing water expandable face towels!)
The ever obliging grandparents
Learning Chess from Kong2
The girls perfecting “grumpy cat” faces

Food and other random shots!


Adios Bali! We will be back again soon! Maybe to UBUD for a more crafty and perhaps less HOT holiday!



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