[September Holidays & Key Fob Tutorial]

The blog has been very quiet. We are trying to get to grips with REVISION (said in a very sheepish way), as the girls (and their parents) have been quite lucky in that regard so far – in that they never did revision, so needless to say, we are pretty clueless as to how to go about it! (tips and tricks will be appreciated here – do leave them in the comments!)

Anyways, in the absence of that, the recent September hols were still an attempt to do stuff & spend time together. Given that my parents were away on holiday, we had to juggle practice, play & some form of revision with the girls. The good thing about having our own practice (and now a big enough office), is that we were able to pretty much bring the girls to work and they can occupy their time doing things while we go about our own work.

I’ve never much talked about what the girls like to do on the blog, but I suppose if you are on my FB friends list, you’re more aware of their individual pursuits. Even though we did not set about to specifically cultivate their interests, I love how their interests have evolved through the years, and so much of their own nature goes into them!

First some photos of what we’ve been up to (and how much they have grown!)


K loves video editing and making little videos of her toys (she aspires to be a YouTube sensation!!) Do go check out her videos HERE – the extra views will make this 8 yr old very happy!

G on the other hand, takes the easy way out – least work for max result – is her motto! I love her humour though, and she has been making a good sideline (to fund her Kindle purchases) on THESE.

As with most years, we are gearing up for the “ber” months with putting up Christmas fairs etc. This year, the girls have decided that they will like to take part in the fairs too! In light of this, I had to think of what we can sell that combines their various talents. They are shrewd little businesswomen and the proceeds are to be shared equally! (even though mummy did most of the work! Hah!)

So here’s the blurb:

We are making KEY FOBS (amongst other things)!! If you don’t know what they are, do check out the video tutorial  below (the graphics are courtesy of G who is an avid illustrator). Hope we make enough kits and sell enough of them to make it a worthwhile lesson in business for the girls!

Let me know if you would like to purchase them, they are available online through this blog too!




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