[Day 01/10 : KYOTO-Kawaramachi]

I realised I’ve not posted this post! It’s of our trip WAY back in 2013? to Kyoto! It’s a bit late, and the photos have been on FB for the longest time, but here’s the posts.. (since it’s already been written!)

We arrived in KIX, Osaka after a redeye flight from Singapore (again!), but this time around, the girls had way more sleep than us! Thankfully, V arranged the limousine bus transport which delivered us door to door from the airport to the hotel! Brilliant service but the girls were a teeny bit disappointed that it wasn’t a REAL limousine.. heh heh. We booked the hotel (Kyoto Royal Hotel & Spa)  about a month back at an incredible deal on this website, and i was really pleasantly surprised at the size and quality of hotel (a tip in booking Japanese hotel rooms – look at the size of the room before booking, ours was 25m2 and it’s perfect for our family of 4). Since the day was spent recovering from the redeye, we just took it easy and went around the hotel. Best thing about the hotel was also the location – it was smack in the middle of the shopping streets of Kyoto (Kawaramachi & Shinkyogoku Streets), and I was even more pleased to stumble upon one of my favorite shop of the trip!


About 5 minutes walk from our hotel was a covered shopping street with lots of little shops, my favourite was this fabric shop! The kids loved the readymade kits and also the 100 yen shop next door 🙂


Coffee place next to the Fabric shop above. We came here to escape the cold!





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