[Day 02/10: KYOTO-Arashiyama

We debated long and hard before we decided that perhaps it was time the girls could appreciate Kyoto. This trip involved lots and lots of walking, and on hindsight, there were days where we questioned the decision to come here at these ages!! (6&8 yrs old at the time) Some days were pretty tough going, especially since there were no prams to fall back on!!

So, our first ‘walking’ day in Kyoto – we wanted to break up the day into parts, so the first part was the Monkey Park! Hopefully something the girls can look forward to at the end of a long walk uphill!

11Poor little one had a swollen eye the whole day due to an allergic reaction to the towel!

12The quickest way we found to get there from our Hotel (bus stop was just in front of the hotel) was to hop onto the bus bound for Arashiyama Koen. The ride was very pleasant and the girls loved it!

13G looking so grownup here!

14Yup! We climbed all the way up!! It should take about 20-25minutes to climb all the way up, but we took our time, picking up leaves, acorn etc on the way up. Very proud of the girls for making it all the way up! And the trip down was even more fun, as G invented a little game of “chasing the rocks downhill” which they played and found hilarious!

15At the very top of the hill, there is also a lovely playground. I think the girls enjoyed this much more than the experience with the many “scary” monkeys!

16Feeding the hungry hungry monkeys. The monkeys were quite overwhelming!

17After the morning exertion, we were all famished and we decided to check out this place that sold Unagi, a favourite of the girls. Recommended HERE, we found the food to be fantastic, but the service and ambience probably not so suitable. The restaurant was pretty high end for a start, the rest of the clientele were mostly Japanese businessmen and very very well dressed Kyoto-ites. We spent most of the lunch “shush-ing” the girls, so it was not very enjoyable for us at all!

18Food wise it was great though! Even though the blog recommended it as “affordable”, the above set costs around $70! Different strokes for different people I guess!

19K polishing off her bowl!

23We then attempted to introduce the girls to the wonderful bamboo groves of Arashiyama.

24My little sidekick enjoying herself. The scenery was beautiful!

27There was only so much walking this little one could take though, so I spent quite a lot of time carrying her!

30Getting very tall very fast!

32Love this shot of the 2 of them.

33A little more cheerful after some retail therapy!


It was a good LONG walk for the girls, if you go during the November / December months, there’s night time illumination which is rather pretty. We didn’t really stay long enough though, cos the girls were pretty sick of Bamboo groves by mid afternoon! haha…..


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