[Day 04/10: KYOTO – Kitano Shrine, Teramachi street]

Christmas Day (2013)!! The long awaited (for us) flea market at the Kitano Shrine is here. If you are like us, and love looking for REAL bargains, check out authentic farmer’s food, talk (or attempt to talk) to fantastically passionate craft people….. this is THE flea market in Kyoto for you! The girls have also gradually been exposed to the wonders of Flea Market shopping – especially if they get to stretch their 1000 YEN daily budget!

44Going bright and early to a flea market is a MUST!

45Cute cute ceramic bowls!

46Part of the fun is always trying out new food stuff sold at the flea markets. The girls didn’t really like these “chao tar” corn though!

47Check out the crowd! Such a fantastic atmosphere….

48Upon discovering a vintage toy shop!

49The girls found something they likes after rummaging through boxes and boxes of toys! I think the fun of shopping at a flea market is to “discover” something in other people’s “junk”….

50Touching the cow for continuous good luck!

51The girls and their purchases. It looks so deceptively quiet and serene… in actual fact, the grounds were heaving with people!! All wanting to finish up their purchases for the 1st of January, which is a rather big deal here in Japan.

52Cute cute moccasins which V bought for K before the trip.

53My grown up little miss and her new raggedy doll.

54After that eventful morning, we visited this place.

55The cafe used to be a bathhouse, so the interiors were still had remnants of the bath tiles etc. Fantastic use of space!

56It had a very hippy vibe and very healthy food with great coffee!

57The best part of it was discovering that they also screen English movies! That afternoon was Toy Story Part 3! The girls were delighted and spent the time enjoying their chocolate cake with the movie screening…

58Whilst mummy sneaked out and did my own little walkabout.

59Something we have always done when travelling with the kids, is when there is a lull in their energy levels, we would take turns minding them (usually at a tea break somewhere), while one of us does a speed-shop around the area. It works out great as we get our own retail therapy, and the girls do not need to keep up with “boring” mummy or daddy!

60After the break, we visited the oldest bathhouse in Kyoto!

61The girls by now are well versed in the rituals of bathing in onsens, and take it for granted that it is THE thing to do on our many trips to Japan. 🙂

62Dinner that night was at a cafe within the covered shopping street next to the hotel. Only after we went back and started to do some other research online, did we realise it was actually quite a famous cafe!

63Unfortunately I didn’t have any record of the name of the cafe at all. But the food was really really good! Think – Muji Cafe – type of food – before Muji Cafe opened in Singapore!

The girls approve 🙂

Again, the location of the Hotel was key on this trip. It was within walking distance to the best food and activities that we chose to do in Kyoto. Plus it was next to a walking street that was covered and had the best 100 yen stall!


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