[Day 5/10: KYOTO – Southern Higashiyama]

We’re at the midway through our trip and the past few days had relatively little walking. Now was the start to test the mettle of the girls! Will they be able to sustain their little legs throughout this ‘leg’ of the trip? 😛 A tip with anyone attempting Kyoto with little ones – split up your walking days! There’s lots to cover in Kyoto and we kinda took it by feel, if they were too tired, we just went into the nearest cafe / touristy shop for them to take a breather. Don’t get too stressed about going to EVERY single destination, sometimes the journey is more important!

This is called the Southern Higashiyama walk and you can read all about it here. We took it really slow, so didn’t really hurry the girls or linger at the temples. The highlight of the day would definitely have to be when we spotted a very pretty kimono clad lady walking down the street! The girls were so stunned and kept staring at her! We also stumbled upon a home-cooked cafe, literally in the garage of someone’s house! It was amazingly good food, unfortunately I didn’t take note of the name or address (it was just off the main shopping street – just look out for signs!)


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