[Day 06/10: KURAMA Onsen Day trip

After the walking of yesterday, today was to be a relaxed day! We decided that we should bring them to an Onsen day trip. Kurama is the perfect place – it was too far away from Kyoto by train, but far enough to have very different temperatures and there was SNOW! Very important when you have snow crazy kids!! 🙂

78As always, we relied on Hyperdia for the timetables. Here’s us waiting for the train. An aptly named “romantic carriage”79K insisted that we had to look “romantic” for this shot!80She took a shot of her sister’s toy as well. I love how she’s so into photography and videos!81We arrived to a SUPER cold and wet Kurama!! No snow yet but it was definitely cold enough!82Rain and wet weather means that the mossy grass and colours were ever so vibrant!83More temples, which we gave a miss to, I think the girls were pretty templed out by this time!84Love the mossy greens85Paper crane garlands87We literally spent the whole day at this little spa! It was great, we booked it online and they sent a van to pick us up from the train station. Highly recommended!!!88My little yukata clad miss enjoying herself!89Yummy yummy Nabe. A traditional soup dish that was so wholesome and good!90True enough, it started blizzarding! We walked to the outdoor onsen in the snow! The girls were soo thrilled! What I couldn’t take photos of were the little “resting” rooms that had mud packs and beauty stuff to put onto your face while you nap away in a toasty tatami floor space. It was so relaxing and I think we all took a little nap!91Beautiful sceneries!92For our last night in Kyoto, we visited another cool eating place (again without any links as I did not take note… arghh!) this time with more italian / japanese sort of food.



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