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[Day 07/10: KYOTO-Northern Higashiyama]

Also known as the “Philosopher’s walk”, the Northern Higashiyama portion was a stretch of walking which we prepared the girls for!

94All walks need to start with good breakfasts! And this cafe was one of the favourites – to us – for the old school but interesting interiors, to the girls – for the thick slices of milk toasts! K loved her butter especially!95G pretending to be thinking along the philosopher’s walk! haha96Distances and directions97It’s a rather long walk without much to do along the way, so it might get a bit boring for younger kids. The girls as usual found ways to amuse themselves-  like walking along the path by balancing only on the kerbs!98Beautiful flower / vegetable arrangements in front of the houses99So pretty!100First time seeing oranges on trees!101102Some much needed retail therapy after a long walk!103On the temple grounds. Love the greenery!104A little break at the tourism kiosk – the lady there was really good and made a great suggestion for Soba noodles (see below)!105One of the yummiest places we visited this trip.106Waiting for our food in this traditional courtyard house107Little japanese girls mastering the art of kneeling108Yum!109Look at that slurp!110I love this photo of K! She was waiting impatiently for her noodles to cool down!111Happy girl after lunch112Puppy fats 🙂113A decent family shot by the very obliging restaurant owner. Highly recommended place if you do the same walk!


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