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[8/10: Kyoto -> Osaka]

We usually do this on our trips with the girls – split the destination into 2 main chunks, so that we don’t have to drag our luggage over too many places, and it has worked out pretty well so far! For this trip, we arrived at Kansai Airport in Osaka, but took the Limousine transport directly to Kyoto upon arrival. We spent the majority of the trip in Kyoto (with 2 day trips out), but for the last few days, we decided to travel back to Osaka, which will be where we will be departing from.

119Taking the train ride from Kyoto to Osaka. That’s all our baggage! Kudos to V who is always the luggage packer (OCD has it’s advantages! :))120K with her latest fascination with toys in bubbles. We bought so many on this trip – everytime we passed a toy dispensing machine, she will spend her budget on these!121Rare sisterly affection. She was feeding K some snacks.


The famous square with the Glico Man. We were very puzzled when people kept using the term “Glico Man” when trying to give us directions – eventually when we reached the square, we understood! It’s a big thing in Osaka and lots of people use it as a navigation landmark.

124Sartorial shot of V

125G wanted me to take a catwalk shot of her too!


As it was almost the New Year, lots of stores offered Happy Bags!


K being absolutely thrilled at what her daily budget (1000Y) yielded!

Osaka as a whole was sooo much more relaxed than hoity toity Kyoto! I think we all heaved a sigh of relief as there were no more stares and shush-ing to be done for the exuberant girls! 😛






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