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[9/10: OSAKA – Being local]

As the girls grow older, we are able to fit more activities into our trips. They’re just able to absorb more, there are no longer any needs for naps and other logistics with younger kids. The more activities we have packed into each day, the longer the trip seems! So even though it is the same duration of all our annual trips (usually 9 or 10 days), this trip just seems a lot longer due to the many activities we managed to pack in!

Our first full day in Osaka was supposed to be a fun filled one, starting with the Instant Noodles Museum! We researched it and was super stoked to go there, but unfortunately, the Museum was closed for renovation! *insert sad face*. Lesson learnt- check the ACTUAL website to know if the venue is open on that day! Do not trust recommendation websites…. they are usually of past posts – which could be years ago!

To our delight, and a much needed consolation – there was a very good Ippudo cafe at the train stop.


Super yummy ramen and great onsen egg!129

Interesting fabric architecture (taken while wandering around the streets)


They really are the “Mian Weng”!


YUMMMMM…… Look at that egg!!


Since we didn’t have much activities planned for the afternoon, we decided to be a “local”. We just walked about the neighbourhood…. going to the parks, playgrounds etc.


Enjoying each other’s company. Most of the times, we try to do too much on trips, sometimes, it’s just great to be just living “in the moment”, enjoying each other’s company, just being us 4.


Ice creams from the local minimart. K’s looking glum as we forgot to get a wooden spoon for her ice-cream tub. Oops!


Finally G finished her popsicle and K could use the wooden stick as a makeshift spoon 🙂 Happy Girl!


G being a sculpture. She’s always had a very quirky sense of humour!


Having fun at the playground.


We had a super healthy lunch! It’s somewhere around the “glico man” square. Lots of shopping places there, so it’s great to stay put in a cafe – settle lunch + dessert for the girls, and we get a chance to do our own solo shopping excursions.


Enjoying a healthy carrot cake dessert….


And a super unhealthy macdonalds’ fries after dessert dessert! haha!

Some links for the websites that we referred to while planning this leg of the trip:

General Information

Kids in Osaka


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