[K’s 9th bday!!!]

Dearest K,

You’re finally 9!! You said to me last night that you almost feel like you’re 10, cos you feel like you’ve been 8 for a REALLY long time!! Haha…. so cute.

As always, you spent a loooong time planning your birthday. Every year, we will give the girls a birthday budget, which they can then spend on organising a birthday party with friends, or have a smaller group of invited guests (e.g. BFF like last year) or to just use the budget to buy presents and have a small family celebration. Being the sensitive girl that you are, this year, instead of inviting your current BFF (as you were worried last year’s BFF will be offended), you decided to just have a tiny celebration with our immediate family instead.

Part 1 of the celebrations – a much awaited Gold Class movie! We were thoroughly spoilt by the fantastic service at Gold Class!

Super luxurious plush recliner seats, cuddly blankets, service at a touch of the button.

Part 2 of your birthday plans was to get your ears pierced! You have been thinking about doing this I know, for quite a few months now, but you’ve never really confirmed it until a few days before your birthday. In typical Katie fashion, you made the decision to do it and there was not much wavering or backing out when you got there. You just sat yourself into the chair and said that you’re ready!

So proud of you and you look super pretty with the earrings!! 🙂

The final part of your birthday celebrations are with your nearest and dearest family. You love chicken rice & cupcakes, so it’s celebrations at the club again and we made sure we bought 9 cupcakes for your birthday!

Happy birthday once again our sweet little one.

Lots of love & hugs, mummy + daddy



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